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Our Services

Coach Joyce believes that wellness occurs when there is a complete balance between the mind, body and spirit. Through her own personal experience of losing over 60lbs, she teaches her clients that they can only make a lifestyle change when 3 areas of their lives are in balance. These areas are your mind, your spirit and your body. These three parts work together in order to have the best version of you.  

What we believe

If any of these parts are out of balance, you will not perform at your maximum capacity. When you start your weight loss journey, our coaches emphasize on developing the mind. Your mind is the steering wheel on your weight loss journey. When you change your mind, you change your body and the quality of your life. Healthy thinking will eventually lead to healthy living.

Weight Management Products

 We strive to use organic and non-gmo supplements that will help jumpstart your weight loss journey. Click the link below for more information on the supplements we use in the program.

I am excited to have lost over 65lbs using these organic non gmo supplements. I desire to help you through your weight loss journey. Check out our amazing loyal customer program where you can get 40% off the retail price. We are also offering a FREE personalized MENU for each person who wants to loose at least 20lbs, signs up for our loyal customer program and orders the famous triple threat, keto coffee and the cleanse for ultimate results. The products includes:-

  1. The Cleanse
  2. Advanced Fat Fighters
  3. Greens on the Go
  4. Thermofight X
  5. Keto Coffee or Keto Creamer

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Individualized Coaching Package

Congratulations on your decision to work with a Wellness Coach. Coaching can truly be a transformational experience!  For a limited time only the Individualized Wellness Package is going for $197. This is a $600 value. You don't want to miss out!

The coaching program consists of the following:-

  • A Personalized Menu
  • 6 (45 minutes sessions)
  • 12 (Mindset transformation videos)
  • 1 (Phone session with the fitness expert ) 

My Background

I am passionate about helping people.  I am especially passionate in seeing people live balanced lives. I believe that wellness occurs when there is complete balance between the mind, body and spirit. Through my own personal experience I have managed to loose over 65lbs, managed to be taken off blood pressure medication which I had taken for over 7 years and I have so much energy. Am looking forward to working with you on one on one basis. Check out the special we have by clicking the button below.

Individualized Coaching Package only $197 (A $600 value)